Booking System

HealthDataLab offers you the flexibility to use any booking system you wish or are already using.

Online booking systems, phone and paper-based systems each have their pros and cons and so we help you with either approach.

This is a booking system that is widely used by practitioners. This video gives you an introduction to it. There are many other videos on Youtube that go into a lot more detail about the setup and integration with other tools like Zoom, payments and calendars.

Google Appointment Slots

If you've got a Google Workspaces account (the paid google account that gives you the apps like Google Docs and Sheets), this enables you to use their "Appointment Slots". This is helpful as it adds the video meetups feature to each appointment if you offer online consultations.
Here is a video that explains how to use this feature.


There are many different booking systems available. You can spend hours researching them...

As an example, this is a video of how you can link Calendly to your HealthDataLab.

Video coming soon...

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