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Holistic practitioners approach health very differently.
We look,  think  and  work outside the box.


Insights come from a wide variety of clues. It’s like having special glasses on and we see the world very differently.


It’s helpful when working from this perspective to use tools that are designed with this approach in mind.


HealthDataLab is made by holistic practitioners,
for holistic practitioners

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HealthDataLab is much more than software for practitioners. It offers very helpful tools to do your work more efficiently, yet it's more than that.


It's a platform design to make you more effective and support you as a holistic practitioner.

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Expand your capability

HealthDataLab is more than practitioner software.
It’s a platform with tools designed for holistic work,
a space for learning and sharing... 
and more.

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Objections: / Easy to use  /  Pen & Paper  /  I’m not sure if or how I’m even going to be a practitioner  /  Is this really going to make my life as a practitioner better?  /  Will I feel and be seen as a professional if using this?

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Current Features


Clients can book directly from your website you different services, see when you’re available. It can even handle prepayments if you wish.


Everything about client is safely recorded in an easy to use format.

Writing Assistant

“Snippets”: A way to dramatically reduce time spent on typing. This feature is also destined to be used as a rich memory aide and reference lookup...it can do much more.

Video Consultations

An easy to use private video consultation room.


A way for your clients to upload information to you. Eg. Diet tracker: (taking a photo of everything they eat for a week/month), sleep quality, energy levels etc...

More Features

We have new and exciting features on the way, please check back soon for more ...

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Yoko, Hiro

I wasn't sure this was the right fit as I've always used pen & paper. Using your beta version of the Tracker, I can see how my clients are doing and can contact them when I'm not seeing progress. This is changing my relation with my clients. I love this, Thank you

Jane, Smith

I'm not very good with computers, but healthdatalab has been easy to use, and your support has been above what I expected. I highly recommended you to my friends and they can't wait for you to allow them in :-)

John, Martin

The other software systems I used before were complicated and gave me more work.
It's been easy to use and setup (especially with your help).
I look forward to using the snippets more.

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The pro & cons of software

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Support included