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Hello and welcome to HealthDataLab

Terms and Conditions

This sets out terms and conditions around our responsibilities as a system provider and your responsibilities as a system user

Our system is the product of years of research, and development by a team of practising natural health practitioners interested in providing software tools and practice support for natural health practitioners


If you would like clarification or would like to share an idea, please contact us Here

Our terms and conditions



The HealthDataLab team has spent a lot of time and effort creating a safe, affordable client data storage system. HealthDataLab provides software and services without indemnity against data loss and data security. Where data loss and data security have become a concern to users we recommend arranging cover with a reputable insurer

If you feel concerns about data security, please request a consultation with our technical and business experts for clarification


System security and stability are our highest priority

Online data security has received a lot of focus over the past few years

The most common cause of security breaches are

  • Insecure passwords or no password set on home, office or mobile device

  • A bad actor accessing an unattended workstation or device

  • Unrestricted system access from points already known to be risky

  • Email security breaches - accidentally sending messages to unintended recipients

System security and stability have become our highest priority. The HealthDataLab system is protected by:

  • A monitored active firewall is provided by an accredited provider. The firewall is under 24x7 surveillance by network experts. Patches are added to the firewall as soon as a new exploit appears

  • System access is restricted to registered clients with addresses known to the system

  • Countries that are known to exploit online systems are blocked on the firewall

  • A multi-stage login process provides increased protection against password exploits

If you require more technical information please please ask for help from our technical team

Training: We have put together a short course on security that includes a live 1 on 1 session to look at your specific situation, your needs and your environment. This will enable us to best advise you and to have the right balance of security and ease of use. Together we can analyse your setup and check where the weakest links are. We recommend consulting us on a regular basis (yearly or when you make changes to your setup and way of working) to check and update security measures. Contact us for more details.

Make sure you understand the basics of online security before using any online system

We will keep updating our systems to continuously improve and offer the best security. Your feedback and support are crucial.

The more you understand security the safer you’ll be. (Just like with your health, don’t hand it over to others without understanding.)

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