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Guiding clients back to a higher level of health is a calling. It’s not always easy to get just right, yet the positive influence we have is deeply rewarding. As you already know, working holistically is very different and requires looking broad and deep. It’s for this approach to health that HealthDataLab was created. A platform designed for the way you see Life. Tools to help you make a real difference in the lives of those that seek your guidance.


Healthdatalab is more than a tool, it’s a platform, a space with tools, services, sharing, learning and much more. Managing many aspects of consultancy work. The current features are:  (Screenpop images included)


  • Bookings: Clients can book directly from your website you different services, see when you’re available. It can even handle prepayments if you wish.


  • Client and Consultation details: Everything about your clients is safely recorded in an easy to use format.


  • Tracker: A way for your clients to upload information to you. Eg. Diet tracker: (taking a photo of everything they eat for a week),  blood pressure,  sleep quality,  energy levels etc


  • Writing assistant: we’re fine-tuning an assisted writing tool: Snippets. A way to dramatically reduce time spent on typing. This feature is also destined to be used as a rich memory aide and reference lookup. But i can be much more (more info soon)


Online Video Consultations: an easy to use private video consultation room.


Coming soon


  • Practitioner Websites: Integrated website, for those who wish to create or upgrade to a new website with Healthdatalab already integrated. (more info soon)


Learning & Specialised support. A space for asking questions on specific and complex situations. We will provide advice and if needed consult with experts to find possible solutions for your needs. This will most likely take the shape of online video sessions or blog posts.